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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 16, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight. >> the body of a two-year-old boy snatched by a killer gator recovered tonight, dragged to his death on his family's disney world vacation. so many asking why no stronger warning at the water's edge. plus the orlando killer's voice. new developments in the investigation tonight. and showdown at target over the right to breast feed? >> he was saying, like, you're disgusting. >> someone lashes out and store employees rush to defend the young mother. first, the "nightline" five. >> e trade is all about seizing opportunity. >> cut. >> thank you. we'll call you.
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thank you for joining us. the death of a child is never an easy story to tell. a family on a disney world vacation losing their toddler in a tragic al garld attack. the outpouring of grief, and the resort's response. we have the latest. >> we recovered the remains of
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the two-year-old from the water. >> reporter: the 16-hour long desperate search for the two-year-old boy attacked by an alligator at disney world has come to a heart breaking close. >> this was a tough message to deliver to them to let them know that at this point that their child was dead. >> reporter: that little boy has now been identified as lane graves. >> we're haerlt broken at this outcome. >> reporter: it was just across from disney's magic kingdom. the graves family of four from nebraska three days into their vacation, enjoying the sandy beach. lane sanding in ankle deep water and the alligator emerged and attacked him. the father struggled to get the toddler from the guy or the's
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grip. >> reporter: they've gators were removed from the water during the search. >> we've done all due diligence. >> after today's press conference, many questioning if the attack should have taken place. there was a sign posted saying no swimming. there was no warning there might be alligators in the water. >> everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. >> reporter: this is by no means the first time alligators have been spotted at disney world. just two weeks ago this video captured the moment two flower girls spotted an alligator outside of the disney wedding pa yilvilleon. the theme park was built on top of swampland that was drained. the complex is almost 25,000 acres, and disney guaranteed a part of their land would always be a nature preserve.
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the gators are removed from the park if they are too big or bold. >> even some of their staff are allowed to take out staff if they see it's a problem. >> reporter: gators have begun turning up everywhere, on doorsteps, in pools, even shopping centers. >> a 27-year-old was swimming in shoulder deep water at a popular central florida beach when a guy or the clamped down on her arm. >> it had me. at that point i realized i wasn't getting out of it. >> reporter: fortunately two nearby people heard her and beat the guy or the with a paddle. it took her arm and part of her bathing suit but spared her life. another had a fey or the out of a canal. his mother watching on in horror. >> i was thinking, it's got my
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son. >> reporter: with all his courage, the 45-year-old managed to pull his hand out of the guy or the's grip. >> i was going for a swim. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife conservation said there are seven unprovoked guy or the bites every year. the odds of getting attacked is only about one in 2 .5 million. some find the power of the animals alluring. some even hunt for them. the stokes family in alabama captured a true bahemith and in mississippi, guy or the hunters. her son and brother-in-law, they caught this 723 pounder. an hour later, dustin golfman and his team wrangled this one, four pounds heavier. this is the hunt coordinator. >> it is safe. we've only had two accidents
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reported. both of them were fairly minor. we had one person that got bit on the hand. >> reporter: he took us to a female guy or the's coveted spot. he said they're so big because for years nobody was able to hunt them. the gators grew in size and population so much so they've become a dangerous knew sense. >> for many people here, alligators have become a problem? >> absolutely. under the deck of a house, swimming pools, in the highways, in the parking lots of downtown jackson. they're everywhere. >> reporter: about 10 miles outside of disney, they say there isn't much that can contain an alligator. is there any way to prevent this? >> not really, they get in pipes and drainage ditches. >> reporter: when you look at places like disney, you wouldn't expect a guy or the. >> you wouldn't.
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you think it shouldn't. it's a body of water in florida. >> reporter: he said the attack was the result of a perfect storm. >> it was nighttime. that's when they like to hunt. they hear splashing in the water. a small object, and easy target. >> reporter: gators are especially dangerous predators. they are very powerful. >> this team of year they're getting more active and more movement. they're out hunting, looking for their territory, protecting t r territory. >> reporter: the father ran in trying to save his little boy, but this alligator is just very strong. >> extremely strong and powerful. but possibly if the animal had gotten scared when the father went after it, it may have released the child and swam off, but you do anything and everything you can to try. >> reporter: disney's chairman saying as a parent and a grandparent, my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of devastating loss.
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my thoughts and prayers are with them, and everyone in disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies. most people in florida know that any body of water can contain alligators, people from elsewhere don't. >> they have to expect the vast majority of people there aren't going to know about the possible risks and aren't from florida. >> reporter: a point dan abrams says is likely to be critical. >> this is contact specific. there's no question when a child is snatched bring a guy or the on disney property on a manmade loo goon, there's potential civil liability. >> and a message through the police. >> that have gone forward to allow those events to recover their son so they can move
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to say it's been a nightmarish week for orlando is an understatement. so many tragic headlines. we have our first look at the man behind the nightclub
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shooting and new stories of terror and bravery and inspiration. here's lindsey janice. >> reporter: new video from inside the orlando night lub massacre. >> i ended up in the bathroom. the shooter started saying everybody is going to die. >> reporter: instead, miguel says he and dozens of others hid in the stalls, huddling together. he says he made the video obtained by abc station wplg to send to his girlfriend. >> we were quiet and everybody's phone kept ringing. the only way to let our families know we're okay was just to record it and let them hear that we're trying to be quiet and send the video. >> reporter: they hid for four hours. some of them shot and bleeding.
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trying to keep each other alive. one was shot twice in the leg but says he can't stop thinking of those that didn't survive. >> half the people were in the bathroom with me. >> reporter: and for the first time, the voice of the murder. >> good morning. >> reporter: omar mateen working as a security guard featured in this documentary called "the big fix" at the site of the bp oil spill. >> everybody is just out to get paid. >> it's all about the money, right? >> all about the money. >> reporter: disgruntled, and his anger costing him his job at a florida courthouse. >> there was a comment made about his allegiance to the fort hood shooter, and those comments brought immediate alarm to my staff and the super visors at the courthouse. >> reporter: the incident triggering one of two fbi investigations, both showing he wasn't a threat. his ex-wife now says he may have
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been struggling with his identity. >> he could not be his true self- >> reporter: today the fbi turning its focus on omar mateen's second wife trying to determine what she knew about her husband's plot. she hasn't been seen in public since stopping by her apartment monday night. >> the evidence you find in the united states. we're leaving no stone unturned. we can't speculate on the charges or if there will be charges. >> reporter: sources say when the fbi obtained footage of her when he bought ammunition, she started cooperating. saying she tried to talk her husband out of harming anyone. she grew up in northern california. friends and family say she met her husband online. mateen's father telling us he
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only has positive things to say about his daughter-in-law. >> she's a good housewife, good daughter-in-law to have. she takes care of our son always. >> reporter: how close were she and omar? >> they were husband wife and having kid. >> reporter: they share everything? they live together? >> they are a good family life. >> reporter: this family seemed -- today one is safe in his mom's embrace. his room decorated with balloons and a picture of the friends he lost. >> i love you, mommy. >> i love you. >> reporter: in this hospital bed, angel echoed the stories of other survivors, telling my colleague about the ruthlessness that mateen had in his killing spree. >> he kept shooting. he wouldn't shop. the gunshots got closer and
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closer until he shot the girl next to me, and then he came up to me and that's when he shot me three more times. >> reporter: shot in the leg, the hand, and his behind because he made it out alive by laying dead among the bodies. >> i kept thinking i can't go like this. i can't -- there's no way i'm going to let this man take my life right now like this. >> reporter: and when the gunman moved to another room, a lone police officer whose name he doesn't know, snuck into the club and quietly looked for survivors to rescue. >> he was yelling who's alive. at this point there were people still screaming. i looked at him in the eyes and i was like help me. he runs to me and he's like the only way that i can get you out of here the quickest is if i grab your hand and run. and i'm like, you can't carry me. he's like no. grab me you and we run.
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i'm like all right. let's go. he grabs me and turns around and starts running. i was very lucky that one cop was there. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, presumptive nominees from both parties taking up the issue of gun rights and acts of terror. >> we do need to top terrorists from getting their hands on the tools to carry out attacks so easily, especially assault weapons, military style assault weapons that have no place on our streets. >> if some of those great people that were in that club that night had guns, you would have had a situation, folks, which would have been always horrible but nothing like the carnage that we all as a people suffered this weekend. >> reporter: and the hospital in orlando, angel has begun to heal. he's not able to walk quite yet, but says the outpouring of
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support has lifted him to be able to see beyond the horrors of last saturday. >> i can't walk. i am moving my legs, though, so there's hope there that i'm for sure going to be walking again, but it's also unreal, the love that i've been shown these past three days. so just keep showing the love. don't let people like this bring us don't. don't let them ruin our pride, our community's pride. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm wendy janice in fort pierce, florida. and next, they tell you why target employees came to the aid of a young mother and her baby. ♪
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i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at finally tonight, when a new mom in connecticut comes up against criticism for breast feeding in a calf, she finds some unlikely allies.
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it's a video quickly going viral. >> yeah. >> reporter: watch as this woman is harassed for breast feeding her baby at a target. >> because i'm feeding my baby, this man is going crazy. >> reporter: she was nursing her infant at the store's cafe when she says he was verbally assaulted by another customer. >> he kept going and kept saying, you know, that i was disgusting and kind of kept going off. i started to shake and get really upset. >> i'm here protecting her. okay? >> onlookers, including a few target employees coming to her defense. >> it's okay. it's what you should be doing. you should not feel ashamed. >> reporter: the video was posted to her facebook page and is dparnerring national attention with more than 6 million views and 76,000 shares and counting zblcht a breast feeding more is sitting there defenseless, holding her baby, and feeding them. you can't just jump up and react. >> reporter: in a statement to
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abc news, target responding, writing, our breast feeding policy which applies to all stores is one of the ways in which we support our guests. guests who breast feed in the store are allowed to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> this is one story. one story that is out there because i thought to pick up my camera. >> reporter: it was mother theresa who said never worry about numbers. help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you. thank you for watching abc news. turn to good morning america tomorrow, and we're online at, "nightline" facebook page. good night, america.
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